Arlington Re-Gen: Meet the Design-Build Team

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Arlington Re-Gen: Meet the Design-Build Team

By: Mary Strawn, Chief Engineer

May 6, 2024

The Arlington Re-Gen project is gaining momentum, and I am excited to share details of the next project milestone! We are using a method of project delivery called design-build, where the design and construction services are completed under a single contract. This allows for a unified flow of work from the initial concept through project completion. PC Construction, with their design subcontractor Stantec, was recently hired to lead the design and construction efforts. This highly skilled team has experience working together on similar projects, including the WSSC Water Bioenergy Project in Maryland.

Over the next few years, Arlington County, our program manager HDR, and this team will work collaboratively together to make the upgraded biosolids facilities a reality. Once completed, Arlington's Water Pollution Control Plant will produce Class A biosolids as well as biogas that will be captured, treated, and used as a renewable energy source. The initial phases of design began in February 2024. In the first six months, the design-build team has been focusing on confirming design concepts, the future site configuration, and understanding existing conditions.

Later this year, the team will enter full design in two phases – the first phase prepares the site for the future facilities through demolition and utility relocation and the second phase involves design of all the new facilities. Construction on the early work package is expected to begin in early 2025, with the main package beginning construction in 2026.

We are excited about the benefits this project will provide our staff, our community, and the environment. I invite you to learn more and stay up to date on our progress by visiting the Arlington Re-Gen website.

Arlington Re-Gen project team Arlington Re-Gen project team comprised of staff persons from the Arlington Water Pollution Control Plant, HDR, Stantec, and PC Construction.